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New week new stress new relief *** V 22 years old

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Horse pasture/martinsville


146 lb


5ft 4in - 5ft 7in


34/26/34 in



Grooming down under





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Drink, Smoke

Well you are not going to find them with her. Karly, Cody or whoever she is (rumors are she, it or zen is a transgender).

I know firsthand shell rip you off. She (it) invited me over for a massage with a satisfied ending which I understood to be oral or a handjob, first she (it) gave me the wrong address 212 Navy Lane, Martinsville, Va. So I pull up looked like the house was abandon, so I called to confirm and she said no behind you across the street she was there at 215 Navy Lane. , scam they ran on me was she invites you over collect the money then she needs the bathroom, sneaks out the back of the trailer, then the hubby walks in the door questioning you, why you're in his house, where his wife, what is going on here, ranting about his wife cheating on him, I told him I didnt know whether his wife was cheating on him but apparently she was making her money by sucking dicks while he was away, so he wants to scare you and demand you get out of his home. Don't really know if it was his house but see how getting into a fight with a guy in his own house would just be bad. I left.

Since post this ad telling you guys theyre rip-off artist I have found out a few things, rumors or not, She (it) Has a Facebook page Cody Mitchem his is Cody Quay check them out for yourself.

Other information I got from emails: Hey man, Im not sure if know this but Cody Quay is gay and Cody Mitchem is trans...Cody Mitchem is actually a guy so be glad you got ripped off rather than get a BJ from a guy with tits and Cody got those tits from taking hormones. Did not notice Cody Mitchems strong jawline? And stubble/rash under the chin from shaving?? The fact that Cody Mitchem frequently wears big jewelry around her neck so her Adams Apple isnt so visible? Keep posing though to warn people but you may want to add in the fact that Cody Mitchem is indeed a man. , Begging at local Walmarts and town events as a Disabled Veteran or homeless Vet.. . was told her Cody and an older woman in Statesville, would bait men over for an afternoon of fun, she'd present herself, start disrobing when behold mom came in early from work catch the overaged man with her minor daughter, Mom goes into a rage threatens to call the cops and have arrested, after the victim is scared to death and begging that he didnt know, what could he do to make things right, Mommy starts talking about compensation, victim agrees drive her to his bank and remove his daily limit and give it to her.

So in closing I want you to know they have used these phone numbers 276-302-2599 and 276-445-1316 in their fake ads. Rubber it to cover it, stay safe, and clean.

New number: 276-445-1596

Activities this service provider may enjoy
  • Intercourse - Anal (Greek)
  • Prostate massage
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I am a professional service provider. Any fees or compensation paid to me are for my time and companionship only. Any actions that take place within our contracted timeframe are a matter of mutual choice between consenting adults. Any scenarios, fantasy or otherwise, contained in this ad are purely that; they do not constitute any form of contractual obligation. I do not engage in any unlawful acts. I reserve the right not to enter into any arrangement with those whom I reasonably believe to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or for any other reason at my sole discretion.

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